5-6 november 2024 | Enschede

Together, we empower our future healthcare with medical technology

MedTech Twente is the thriving hub to develop and accelerate your MedTech innovation. A collaborative ecosystem brings together businesses, healthcare institutions, and researchers from knowledge institutions, fostering the accelerated development of tomorrow’s healthcare innovations. Through close cooperation among these stakeholders, innovations are created, validated, and ultimately integrated, facilitated by esteemed organizations. 

MedTech Twente Week is the annual highlight you want to take advantage of! On 5 and 6 November, various events took place that touched on innovation in healthcare innovations, scientific research, medical technology and business insights. 

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A week full of inspiration

5 November

MedTech Twente | Fact Finding Trip

MedTech Business Event will guide you through the exciting journey of innovative business. Explore a multitude of opportunities to nurture MedTech startups and propel the growth of established MedTech companies.

5 November

Exchange Dinner

MedTech startups, may we have your attention for an exclusive opportunity? 👀 On Thursday evening, the traditional Exchange Dinner takes place.

6 November

TechMed Event

TechMed Event
The TechMed Event in Twente focuses on technological advancements for a healthier and sustainable future.


MedTech Talent Event

No future healthcare without our next-generation professionals. Interactively, students meet forward-thinking MedTech organizations bringing challenges to the table.
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