1 November

TechMed Event

TechMed Event: Shaping a healthy future

date: 1 november 2023
location: TechMed Centre, University of twente

The TechMed Event in Twente focuses on technological advancements for a healthier and sustainable future. Healthcare, while improving people’s health, contributes to significant CO2 emissions, waste, and resource consumption. Climate change has implications for well-being, including heat-related illnesses and social-economic consequences. By promoting sustainable practices and adopting environmentally friendly technologies, the MedTech sector can help mitigate climate change and revolutionize healthcare delivery.

The TechMed Event brings together leading stakeholders to discuss the impact of medical technologies on global healthcare and create a roadmap for a sustainable future. Two keynote speakers took the stage: Maarten van Aalst (Director General and Chief Science Officer at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute and professor at the University of Twente – ITC) and Diederik Gommers (Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at Erasmus MC).